Our Story

Whānau Tahi Limited, a New Zealand based social enterprise, provides human-centered case management solutions in the social and health sectors that remove communication barriers, eliminate duplication of efforts, and empower practitioners and families alike.


Guided by Māori principles of Whānau Ora, or “family well-being”, the team have worked with social service agencies, health providers, and the government for over 30 years to develop an integrated case management solution that is built on a family-centric philosophy.

Whānau Tahi puts individuals back in control of their own journey of well-being helping them cultivate family-driven outcomes and fueling long- term systemic change. Agencies and service providers can easily track the progress of the people they serve and more effectively measure their impact. This allows them to do more with the resources they already have.

Our History

Whānau Tahi was originally created to support Whānau Ora at Te Whānau Ora o Waipareira Trust, and build the trust’s 30+ years of experience in delivering whānau centric services across health, social, education, justice and housing sectors.

The solution created has gained popularity and has proven its value both locally and internationally.

In 2015 Whānau Tahi acquired the Connected Care platform which strengthed its offering to the health sector, and in 2016 because the provider of a number of services to the Ministry of Health, including the National E-Prescription Database, the Socrates (NASC) system, and others.

Whānau Tahi is now a major provider of systems that support health and social outcomes, and is the only organisation that can span and connect multi-sector, inter-disciplinary approaches to care and support for whānau and individuals.